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Participant Information Page

What is a clinical study?

A clinical study is any test or study that involves human participants, every clinical study is designed to answer specific questions about possible ways to prevent, diagnose or treat a disease or injury.

Why should I become a participant in a clinical study?

Some participants have a condition or injury and want to help doctors find out potential alternatives and new treatment options.

It may be there is no effective treatment for an illness or injury, or that the existing treatments may have side effects. Participating in a clinical
study may offer potential experimental options that might be unavailable otherwise.

What to expect during a clinical study?

A clinical study team includes a doctor, research nurse, study coordinator and technician. They will assist you through the process of enrolling and participating in the study and answer any questions you have about the trial. Each clinical study has guidelines about eligibility to participate. These guidelines are based on such factors as your age, gender, certaiin diseases, and previous treatments or medical history.

Consider these items before agreeing to participate in a clinical study.

* What is the purpose of the study?
* Will this improve the quality of my life?
* Will this data and findings help others?
* How long will it last?
* Can I meet all the required additional procedures, tests, exams and visits to complete the study?
* What are the standard treatments available if I do not participate?
* Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Ethical Research

The buffalo research group is very ethical in all the research they participate in.

All clinical studies have approved IRB (Institutional Review Board) before we begin any study.

An IRB (Institutional Review Board) is a group of individuals that are doctors, patients, and researchers who reveiw what you are trying to investigate and wheather they feel it is safe and ethical for the patient. They closely review your point of outcome and what your research may have as a benefiical outcome to patients and medicine as a whole.

Patient Safety and Data Collection

The buffalo research prides itself on holding up the highest standards when it comes to patient safety and protocols in each and every study we investigate. One of the key components to all studies is the collection of data. This data is what provides us with the validation and proof that we were able to achieve positive outcomes to both injuries and illnesses. All our data is safely stored and collected on patients for 2 years from the start of a study.

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